The essentials on Aerospike

Aerospike is an Open Source In-Memory NoSQL DBMS . It is a key-value base designed to provide response times less than one thousandth of a second to real-time Big Data applications.

Aerospike Features

Aerospike allows you to query using secondary indexes. It also provides user-defined functions that run on the database server, as well as new complex data types (lists and maps) and analytics capabilities that can perform MapReduce tasks on data. that change constantly.

In addition to improved enterprise security, the newer versions (3.4 and sup) also offer many improvements, especially in terms of performance and storage.

Here are the three main components of Aerospike:

The main engine of the Aerospike database server , designed to be distributed with failover and to use either RAM or SSDs for data storage.

Aerospike Smart Clients , provided in different programming languages ​​and ensuring constant contact with the Aerospike cluster . If the number of nodes changes, the smart client receives update and remapping requests, which prevents the developer from doing so.

Aerospike Management Console , which uses a web interface that allows administrators to manage their clusters.

Commercial publishing has three more features than open source publishing:

Cross Datacenter Replication , which can synchronize multiple clusters, most often in different datacenters. This type of replication generally ensures business continuity in the event of unavailability of data.

Fast Restart , which allows companies using SSDs to store indexes in shared memory. This feature allows you to quickly upgrade clusters and reboot individual servers without rebuilding the index from SSD data.

User-based and role-based security that gives users read, read / write, and administration rights.

A typical Aerospike usage scenario is to place In-Memory data in the cache to store session information or user profiles for ID mapping. This usage is ideal if you want to customize the user experience on web portals and mobile applications.

One of the most exciting features of Aerospike is the simplification of development for developers who create and use new applications on a large scale with a minimum of initial administration tasks.
While many NoSQL DBMS require the developer to define fragmentation (sharding) and replication requirements, Aerospike does this automatically.

When applications run, it is very easy to add a node to a cluster and increase throughput and capacity. No planning and no interruptions are necessary.

Operating systems supported by Aerospike

Aerospike works under Linux. Support is provided for many distributions, including binary files pre-engineered for Red Hat, Ubuntu, CentOS, and Debian.

Aerospike Licenses

Aerospike can be used under open source or commercial license.

In open source, Aerospike customers are available under an Apache license, while the server uses a GPL Affero.

Aerospike is sold directly by the supplier. The rate is based on the amount of unique data used in production rather than the number of servers deployed, transactions per second, or replicated data within a cluster or across multiple data centers.

Under commercial license, Aerospike offers 24/7 support by phone or email.

A free trial version is available in the Community open source edition. The Startup Special Edition provides free access to Enterprise Edition for qualifying businesses (less than $ 2 million in revenue, $ 20 million budget).

Aerospike Data Types

Developers can use multiple bin objects of different types. The following data types are currently supported: string, integer, blob, lists, and maps.

List and map types can be recursive.

Aerospike can also support large data volumes ( Big Data ) using data types whose storage does not require rewriting the entire record.

Aerospike Performance Evaluation Tests

The performance of NoSQL DBMS is typically evaluated using the Yahoo Cloud Serving Benchmark open source service . Several performance tests have been published with the instructions to reproduce them.

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