iOS: Print From Remote Posts Is Not Impossible

Some people print documents so rarely that it can be easy to forget the importance of this function. But printing from a Chromebook or an iPhone can be particularly laborious.

It is sometimes necessary to replace a perfectly satisfactory printer with a model compatible with Google Cloud Print and Apple AirPrint to print from recent terminals. What multiply expenses, not to mention the ink cartridges.

But printing is a long-time puzzle for administrators. To the point of getting them to know more about it than they would like. Over time, and with the help of Microsoft and third-party products, the question of printing has found its solutions, to the point that it is no longer really important to know which product is used and which approach to adopt to industrialize printing. . These tools and products have become necessary to make printing a reality.

Remains a scenario that many will not have considered. And that did not really exist before the launch of the Citrix X1 Mouse . This is a Bluetooth mouse designed to make it easy to use remote applications from an iPad. A feature that iOS does not support natively. But Citrix bypasses this limitation by directly associating its mouse with its Citrix Receiver software.

With the launch of this mouse, using an iPad as a thin client was not really viable for many. Traditional Windows applications are indeed designed for use with the mouse, and not for digital pointing. Adding a mouse and Bluetooth keyboard radically changes the equation, although one may prefer a larger screen than a tablet.

How to print from a remote extension on iOS

ThinPrint offers a product dedicated to printing on iOS. This may be reminiscent of a virtual AirPrint server, as there are in others, but it addresses a problem that did not exist before the M1 mouse: print to local printers from a remote session that is used via a iPhone or an iPad.

The scenario is simple. An end user is at home, remotely connected to their corporate environment on their Apple tablet. It has the famous mouse and a wireless keyboard. How can he print a document? Receiver exposes the local AirPrint printers in the remote session. Therefore, printing as if a local printer was connected to the PC is out of the question. The user can generate a PDF file, send it, view it from his iOS device, and print it with AirPrint. But that’s a lot of steps for a process that should be simpler. ThinPrint Mobile Print, a feature of ThinPrint 10.6, offers an alternative.

There, the user selects a mobile printer from the list of printers presented in the remote application. When he clicks Print, a notification appears on his handheld: he just taps it to bring up the AirPrint dialog and then starts printing on the local printer.

A specific application must be installed on the iOS device. This one fulfills several functions. From the end user’s point of view, it only exists to bring up the AirPrint dialog. The administrator also needs to enroll the terminal and allow it to receive print jobs from the corporate environment.

The only way to make things more elegant would be for Citrix to integrate AirPrint support directly into Receiver. And by the way, the document to be printed does not have to pass through third-party servers, for example messaging.

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