Comparison of the best e-mail encryption solutions: conclusions

This article is the latest in a three-part series on comparing the best professional e-mail encryption solutions. Scarfone Cybersecurity has indeed reviewed for TechTarget / LeMagIT the best products on the market.

The first part returned to the solutions, the second to their main characteristics. Here are the conclusions that Scarfone Cybersecurity draws.

Great differences in integration

Many second-generation encryption products help protect e-mail messages and their attachments when they are sent over multiple networks. These programs perform key management in the background; therefore, all are very simple to use email security products that provide strong encryption of sensitive data to prevent disclosure during transit between the sender and the recipient.

However, there are major differences in the integration of these products in a particular environment. For example, not all mail clients are supported for manual encryption.

Two solutions stand out

The second-generation products discussed in this article are all amenable to enterprise deployment, but Trend Micro Email Encryption and Voltage SecureMail (Enterprise Edition) stand out for their reliability and flexibility.

That being the case, each company will be able to use the above criteria to compare the products in order to choose the one that suits them according to their own environment.

Email encryption products can also replace existing solutions (such as manual methods for secure file transfer). It is therefore ultimately a question of carefully weighing the benefits provided by these products, both in the immediate and the long term.

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